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Skytags are formulated to take up to 5 times longer to remove than standard graphics supplied by vehicle sign companies


Welcome to Skytag

Skytag roof top security markings for caravans, motorhomes, commercial vehicles, horse boxes and box trailers are at the forefront of the fight against the high level of theft affecting these sectors of the motor industry.

On purchase you are supplied with a code for the roof of your unit. The details are placed on the Skytag database, making it immediately traceable by Police/Port Authorities and Security Services both in the UK and overseas.

Whether at home or abroad, should your unit be stolen, you need only make a phone call to the Police local to the incident. This sets in motion the awareness of the Police network, spreading to national Police services, entry & exit Port Authorities and Border Controls (e.g. The Channel Tunnel) with your details - thus maximising the chances of a quick recovery.

Registration Number - Post Code
The last four digits of your CRiS Number
Container/Trailer ID Number
...even your Date of Birth


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