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How long do Skytag markings last?
Skytags are manufactured from top quality vinyl, with a life of seven years plus.

How easy is it to remove Skytag markings?
Skytags are formulated to take up to 5 times longer to remove than standard graphics supplied by vehicle sign companies, giving the necessary authorities the time to locate and catch the thief. Even when the markings are removed, the special adhesive we use leaves traces that take even more time to completely clean off.

Can Skytag markings be painted over?
Skytag markings are resistant to most paints.

Is it worth marking my vehicles?
Vehicle crime is an everyday occurrence, but with the ever-increasing use of camera surveillance, the chances of catching a thief in possession of a stolen vehicle are continually improving. Skytag adds yet another useful tool for the authorities.

I have a tracking system so why would I need a Skytag?
Due to the introduction of readily available cheap jammers over the internet tracking systems no longer give you the security they once offered. (Just tap "Tracker Jammer Blocker" into Google to see for yourself).

Can Skytag reduce my insurance premiums?
If your insurance company is unwilling to give you a discount when you tell them you have registered with Skytag, please contact us. We may be able to assist.

Is it really worth marking my caravan or motorhome?
Most units are stolen to order and generally head straight for the nearest port. Around 5000 caravans alone go missing every year, with a total value of over 45 million. It's big business for thieves. CRiS currently have around 10,000 caravans registered as unrecovered - in fact, at the moment fewer than one in four is recovered.

Why are Skytags cheaper than standard markings?
Skytag concentrates solely on roof markings, and due to volume of sales can pass the savings on to you.

Can you supply Skytags outside of the UK?
Yes. Please contact us for for confirmation of the delivery cost to your location.



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