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Roof markings are recommended by UK Police Forces, Truckpol and the Road Haulage Association - and are mandatory to achieve level 1 compliance of the Transport Asset Protection Association (TAPA) Trucking Security Requirements (TSR).
"The haulage industry has been hit hard in recent years. Protect your rolling stock from theft and your profits from inflated insurance premiums."



Haulage Industry

Visible to police aircraft at 1000ft a Skytag offers the choice of having the unit stopped or tracking it in order to catch the ringleaders. Time is saved searching truck stops etc leaving ground based police units to widen the search area sooner.

You can no longer rely on tracking systems
Due to the introduction of readily available cheap jammers over the internet tracking systems no longer give you the security they once offered. (Just tap "Tracker Jammer Blocker" into Google to see for yourself).

Benefits for using Skytag for your units include:

  • Additional security for your units at home or abroad

  • Potential reductions in insurance premiums

  • Volume discounts

Skytags can be used on vans, trailers, tractor units, containers or plant & machinery.

For larger size tags (up to 23 inches) please call for a quote.

For further information, please telephone us on 0845 009 1767 during normal business hours.

For orders outside the UK, please contact us for confirmation of the delivery cost to your location.


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