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It only takes a few minutes to change the number plates, but unless you have a ladder, a generator and a hairdryer plus several hours without being detected (and can avoid being electrocuted if it rains), it's a lot of hassle and there's an increased chance of being caught when you try to remove roof markings.

If I were a thief I'd simply move on to a vehicle that didn't have roof markings - wouldn't you?


How Skytag Works

Helicopter observation, Police Officers at high vantage points and the thousands of overhead cameras on motorways, in towns and at ferry terminals means that Skytag really is the ultimate way of protecting your property.

When you purchase a Skytag, we will supply you with a unique letter/number code of your choice. This can be your post code, your registration number or maybe your date of birth. As long as you can relay the details accurately to the Police, any combination will suffice.

Should your unit be involved in an incident or subsequently be found abandoned the relevant authorities can contact .Skytag's database department to identify ownership.

Register for your Skytag now. At only 29.95 (including postage & packaging) it's a small price to pay for added security and peace of mind.



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