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Full Easy Fitting Instructions Included




What You Get

You can order any combination of letters/numbers up to a maximum of 7.

All tags are supplied with a free sticker for you to place in a prominent position to warn of your roof markings and deter thieves, who may then move on to another vehicle that does not have them.

(You don't have to display this warning if you feel that it is better that potential thieves don't know that you have roof markings)

Skytag letters/numbers are 12 inches (300mm) high and spread to a maximum of approx 6 feet (1830mm).

(The maximum area would be required if ordering a registration number or 7 letter/number combination. A post code would take up less space and a 3 letter code less still - so please measure your roof and order a code that will fit your particular vehicle or trailer)

Supplied in:

  • Black (for a light coloured roof), or

  • White (for a dark coloured roof)

Please tick the appropriate box when ordering, as we have to charge for replacements or incorrectly ordered tags.

The all-inclusive price of 29.95 is the same for all letter/number combinations, as the cost of production is in setting up & handling the tag rather than in the amount of materials used.



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